Jason and Jenny

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My appt

My appt last thurs went good!! The baby is doing great. They heart rate is 170. Very strong, so we are very happy. I am out of the wood for anything to go wrong in the first couple of months. I am Three months now. Wow I hope this time flies by so I can hold my little buddle of Joy. I know Brayden is very excited too!!
I am diffently showing now. None of my Jeans fit around so i just leave the button undone and it works. Although I went to a store called Mommy and Me and got 4 pairs of Materity Jeans for $35.00. So that was awesome.
My evening sickness is going away, although nothing still sounds good to me. Jason asked all the time what I want for dinner and there is nothing at all that sounds good. I hope it goes away soon. I love to eat and miss food. I never thought i would ever say that. But at least I am not gaining alot of weight so far. That is the only good thing about it.
Me and Jason went shopping around to see what kind of furtinure we wanted for the babies room. And i think it took less than five minutes and we agreed on this one set. I think that is a record for us. LOL Now we just need to save up the money and buy it. There is alot to buy since we got rid of everything we had!!
Oh well I love new stuff for a new buddle of Joy!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

11 Week size
Well i am 11 weeks now. I will be 3 months on sat. I woke up the other day with my belly bump already. I spent all day yesterday going through my cloths and putting away some that i will not be wearing for a while!! Then i asked Jason to look for my Materity cloths under the house and they were not there. I could not find them anywhere. So that means i have to go shopping for new cloths!!! Kinda exciting about it and kinda not. Materity Cloths are so expensive.
I go in on Thurs ( my birthday) for my check up. Can not wait!! I also want to know if i have gained any weight since I have been sick!! I hope not. I am not eating alot at a time like I have in the past. But more often through out the day!! So I hope that helps.
I have been very tired lately and my mood swings are showing. I can even tell and that is bad!!! But in the end it will all be worth it.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 weeks

Well i am now 10 weeks. Doing good so far!! Except with the morning sickness. I am doing better than a week or two ago. One of my prego friends told me to try Ginger Ale drink and that has helped. I have not had that much energy lately though. Oh well.. I know that will go away in the next couple of weeks and then come back later. I am starting to show a little. Although it is not far, my jean i can not button anymore!! I am debating rather or not to take a picture of me yet. I dont know if i have gained any weight or not. Kinda scared to find out. ALthough with the baby being very picky about what i eat. Alot of it has been nothing but PB&J's and fruit and salads. So who knows maybe i will gain the weight i need with losing some weight that i need too. I am trying to get on the treadmill at least a couple times a week. With my last two pregnecy I did great till around 5 or 6 months then i go into early labor for the remainder of the time so i can not do much after that. Which stinks. We will see if it happens with this one as well.
I go in on the 21st,,(my birthday) to get my 3 month check up and here the heart rate. I am hoping it is higher than last. They say the higher the heart rate the more chances of having a girl!! So i am praying. But all i really care about is that the baby is healthy!! My sister-in-law is going with me. This will be her first time going to a OB appt. I think she will find it is interesting!! We are still praying for them too!!!
Well that is all for now. I will try to take a pic of my little bump!!! (MAYBE)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My first sonogram pic

This is the size of my baby at 9 weeks. So cute!!