Jason and Jenny

Friday, February 19, 2010

16 week update and baby names

I went to the doctors yesterday! Everything is great. Me and the baby are doing good so far. I am extremely excited because I am 16 weeks tomorrow and have only gained 2lbs. I am working out this time around and the morning sickness that I had (which is now gone!) probably helped out since i could not eat anything. I still cant stand the sight or smell of some things. Exspecially beef!! I really miss my Bacon CheeseBurgers. But hopefully that will pass. The heart Rate was in the High 150's.  And was moving around alot when they were trying to get the heartbeat!! It was funny. Our little Cub is a wild one. That is what we are calling the baby till we know what we are having! 
Which my appt is on March 18th. I get my sonogram done that done so hopefully if our cub lets us we will find out what we are having!!! This is going to be the longest 4 weeks! I am super excited because Amy and MeMaw get to come with us when we find out what we are having. And we get to record it and bring it home for Bray to watch!!! Which is so much fun to watch him learn about his soon to be sister or brother!!!
Jason has got all the shelfs built and almost all of the storage stuff put on there.. that is what will fit. We( I ) have alot of christmas decorations!!! But then it will be time to put in the plumming downstairs and move the washer and dryer. That way we can get the first coat of paint on the walls and pick out the floors we are going to put down. And after our appt we can start painting!!!!
So everything is going great and I am now almost back to my self again.. Except for the sometime mood swings. LOL
We are down to three names for girls and nothing for boys.. We cant find anything we like. So we are just going to wait and see if we have to go down that road or not.

Monday, February 15, 2010

I am 15 weeks. My belly has decided to grow in the last couple of days. Im loving it so far. I can feel the baby move around alot more. But Jason is not liking that he can not feel the baby yet.  We go for my 4 month check up on thurs. I cant wait to hear the heart beat again and see how much the baby is growing. Hopefully then we can set up my sonogram so we can find out what we are having. I am ready to start shopping and buy stuff!!  I think my morning sickness is gone. But i still dont like alot of foods. I will let everyone know how my appt goes on thurs.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is how big the baby is at 13 weeks. Im doing pretty good most of the time.
I still can not eat alot of meat or alot of things. But i am starting to be able to get more. I have gained only two pounds. But when i got on the scales yesterday I have lost 4. So i really dont know. I know I am getting alot bigger around the middle. I will have a picture soon. Promise!!
We are getting the shelving ready to put up in the garage. So we can move the washer and dryer down to the storage room. My husband is so creative. He has designed this shelving for the garage and is going to build it!!! We have to have this all done by the end of March. We will hopefully know what we are having then, so we can start painting and buying stuff for the babies room.
We have picked out two girl names that we like. We can not decide on a boy name at all. So we are just waiting to see what it is before we put ourselfs threw that stress.
The girls names are either~~ Abigail Sue or Makayla Sue.
So things are starting to get going. I have been feeling the baby move like a butterfly right now. Jason is so jealous. That is one things he loves is to feel the baby kick. And my son who is 5 cant wait to feel the baby for the first time. Every night before my son goes to bed and Jason leaves for work. We lay on the bed and they talk to my tummy. Brayden is giving my belly kisses now every time he leaves or goes to bed. I love it.
Well that is about all for now. We are just excited for this bundle of joy!!!

Choice two!! Which one????

Just cant not decide on the dresser??

This is the Crib that we have picked out for the baby!! Love it