Jason and Jenny

Friday, April 30, 2010

Almost 27 weeks

Ok so a few months to go! It still feels like so far away. I have been keeping busy hoping the time passes fast. I love being prego but cant wait to meet the little guy! He is all over now. I can feel almost every single move he makes. He is picky about who can feel him though. LOL   We have yet to get the nusery even half way done. Hopfully by this next week. We can get the floor in so I can start ordering his furniture. Boy little boy does not have a thing yet.. well that is except the cloths I have bought. But is not alot at all.
My baby shower is in a month. I can not wait for it.
We are just trying to get everything ready for when the baby comes. Brayden is getting more and more excited too. He is also very excited to get out of school for the summer. But he does not know he has to go to summer school. I can not afford for him to go to daycare 3 days a week. I feel bad. But he will have fun.
I am doing ok lately with my grandpa's passing. That is what is keeping really busy. Trying to clean out the house and decide on when we are going to have the sale and everything else. But it keeps me going for now!
I do miss him so much. I catch myself picking up the phone to call him and check up on him and let him know what happen today or what brayden did. Alot of habits are hard to break when you did them every day for so many years. But it will get easier as time passes.
Thats all for now. 

Monday, April 19, 2010

24 weeks

he was over a poung now and is over a foot long!

Monday, April 12, 2010

23 week/My Grandpa

I am 23 weeks. Almost 6 months. This pregnecy feels like it is going so slow. At least this will be my last.
My family has been going through a very rough time this passed week. My grandpa, who is also I call my dad. Passed away on Easter Sunday. He just fell asleep and did not wake back up. Which is the way I think we would all love to go. This is a really hard time for me. He passed away on my moms 6 year annv of passing away. And we think just a couple hours from eachother too. My grandpa was also my dad. He raised me and helped me out so much. After my grandma passed a couple years ago, we have became so close. I could tell him anything. He was my best friend. This is a hard time because I am pregnant with this little one and he was so excited to meet him. The baby is getting his middle name. Thank god we decided that before this happend and last thurs I got to tell him the full name of the baby. 
I just dont really know what I am going to do now that he is gone. We have alot to do with his house and personal stuff. But out of my parents and grandparents.. he was the last.
So now it kinds feels lonely, like I have been left all alone. Which I know I'm not. I have so many close friends and cousins that will always be there. It just really hard.
Ok so much for trying to not cry while writing this. He is where he has wanted to be for so long since my grandma passed. They had been married for 53 years and could not live with out eachother. Knowing that he is with his love of his life,, my mom ( his Daughter), his mom, and Grandson (my son).. And everyone else he has lost that he cared and love so much. Gives me a since of piece.
I love you Grandpa and will never ever forget!!!
How big he is now!
Weights just over a pound and is over 11 inch long.. is what the baby site says anyway. I have a feeling he is longer than that!