Jason and Jenny

Friday, June 25, 2010

And his changing table!!!
Im so excited!!
This is he dresser that I love
Tyler's Room is all ready to  go!!!
My Two Diaper Cakes!!
The Elephant one My sister in law made
And the Turtle one Jason Cousin Amy Made.
Loved them both!!!
This is at my baby shower which was giving to me by The best Sister In Law Amy!!
It was wonderful!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Almost 31 weeks

We are both doing really good. Growing but not too much! Im am very proud of my self. I have only gained 19lbs. I love sharing that. Last two pregnacys I gained 45lbs and 75lbs. So this time around I knew what I was doing. And it helps I crave alot of fruits this time and dont eat alot.  He is around 3 1/2 pounds right now. He moves alot. But when people want to feel him he does not move.  He is sitting on my right side most of the time. Love the toes in my ribs!!!
I am so excited for this weekend. My shower is on Sat and I cant wait. My sister in law has some surprises and I cant wait to see them. Only couple more day!!
I have already received one gift from Memaw. She did not want to bring it back and forth from the shower so she brought it over the other day. She got us our travel set ( carset and stroller) I love it and cant wait to put my little man in it.
I am going to the doctors every two weeks now. So it is down to the wire. I just hope we get most of the stuff he needs before he gets here!!
My son Brayden is excited too. We have the summer off together and I hope to make the best of it with him. His 6th birthday is coming up and Im so excited to give him his gift. He is going to love it.
Well that is about it. Will post more in a another week or so
He smiles too!

a good profile of him. Everyone is saying he looks like is big brother already!!
His eyes are open.. He is so cute!!!

3D pictures

this is his mad face!!